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Where can I buy the CRYPTOCARD?
We sell the CRYPTOCARD worldwide through a network of authorized agents.

If you do not know an intermediary and initially only want to buy the CRYPTOCARD, you can find it in our online shop.


Where can I redeem my code?
After purchasing the CRYPTOCARD, enter the code (For the physical card, scratch off the code on the back of the card and enter it on For the digital version, you will receive your code within 24 hours by e-mail. Mail and also enter this on


What advantages does the CRYPTOCARD offer?
The CRYPTOCARD offers millions of people easy and uncomplicated access to cryptocurrencies that they would not otherwise have. The card is available worldwide and offers anyone who is interested, even without specialist knowledge, the opportunity to make micro-investments. CRYPTOCARD opens the door to cryptocurrencies for everyone, not just millionaires. The SWISSCOIN CLASSIC (stock exchange identification: SICC) is currently listed on the following stock exchanges and can be traded freely:


If you are interested as an intermediary (reseller) of CRYPTOCARD, simply contact us using the contact form.

Can I exchange my coins for other cryptocurrencies?
Some cryptocurrencies offered via the CRYPTOCARD can be traded freely on various crypto exchanges. Other coins are still in the prelaunch and can be purchased before the market.

Who can I contact if I have questions about CRYPTOCARD?
If you have any questions about the CRYPTOCARD, please contact our support team using the contact form.

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