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GREEN ENERGY COIN's mission is "to leave our children in a better world where rubbish is not simply burned or dumped in the oceans."


The destructive mining of fossil fuels must be reduced. Our goal is to generate sustainable fuels and energy from hazardous substances and bio-waste.


The GREEN-ENERGY-COIN is intended to purchase mobile systems that can convert plastic waste from the world's oceans into fuel.

With a mobile unit, for example on a ship, up to 1,000 kg of plastic waste can be processed per day and converted into 1,000 liters of fuel.


The technology is mature and can be used directly on site.

We humans need air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat, new medicines and a climate in which we can live.

We need to know that we belong to something bigger than us. We want a better future for those who are important to us.

In order to survive and thrive, we need healthy oceans.

With every GREEN ENERGY COIN we place and sell together on the market, we help to make the world better and more livable.


With the future edition of our blockchain-based GREEN ENERGY COINS, we are relying on bank-independent swarm financing.

Together with small investors, we will place GREEN ENERGY COIN (GEC) on the first crypto exchanges in the second quarter of 2022 and thus ensure free exchange trading.
The pre-exchange issue price is € 0.01 per coin and can already be obtained via the CRYPTOCARD. After completion of the blockchain, the coins can be booked in the offline wallets or managed free of charge.

We look forward to every investor and sponsor who shares our vision.

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