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What should you know when investing in Poundy High Energix?

What is PHX?

The international project of PHX deals with a new type of wind turbine on a new level. With rotating blades, not only is clean energy produced, but bird protection is also a priority.

How is it funded?

Poundy High Energix has been financed through crowdfunding since April 2020. This means that supporters of the project can contribute to the construction phase of the turbine from as little as € 50. In return, you get the promise to receive the promised share of tokens in the PHX Blockchain Wallet no later than 08.08.22 "at the IPO".

What's the plan?

The business plan of the start-up company has a maximum of 4 phases. Today (April 2020) it is in the first (1st) phase. From the point in time when the 4th phase is successfully implemented and completed, the project orders, payments, thus profits achieved and self-financed, investors receive their share of the profits, i.e. dividends.

It is also intended to bring the company to the crypto exchanges. Then the investors also participate in the increase in the value of their POUNDY COINS.

What has been achieved recently?

The main events:

  • The combination of idea and vision became reality!

  • Start of the token on April 1st, 2022

  • Registration from 04.04.2020 with purchase of the tokens and activation of the VIP status

  • 5 levels unlocked for bonuses.

In the first months of 2022:


  • The project realizes a Poundy High Energix platform with blockchain technology and starts selling the tokens. It is planned to roll out worldwide in over 180 countries around the world.


Poundy High Energix / Typhoon is:

  • very environmentally friendly

  • very inexpensive to build

  • extremely cheap to operate

  • very quiet and above all

  • very sure.

Poundy High Energix Typhoon is likely to become the safest wind turbine in the world.


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