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We are developing the future generation of urban mobility.

The team behind our vision consists of experienced managers, marketers and blockchain / software developers. We believe that the fuel cell is the attribute concept for city cars of the future.

Unfortunately, the fuel cell has been in shadow for decades because the leading automobile companies made more money from the combustion engine. The units are still expensive because they are manufactured in small numbers. Fuel cell technology has many advantages and, for example, is ideally locally emission-free except for a little water.

Also, fuel cell cars do not always have a heavy battery with them, the industrial recycling of which has so far not been resolved and which contains substances of problematic origin - for example when cobalt and lithium are mined by children in the Congo.

In 2020 we will build up a supply and innovation network as well as research and technology partnerships in Europe and Asia and examine new cooperation opportunities.

The first prototype is to be largely implemented using additive manufacturing processes (3D printing) and developed into production-capable systems.

We believe that fuel cell technology will prevail in the next 10 years and we would like to invite everyone who wants to contribute to our success to participate in our project.

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